Panel Buildings

AM Prefab panel buildings provide 100% useable space due to our truss-less design.  Our clear span, truss-less design provides the largest amount of open space possible.  AM Prefab panel buildings are higher quality and easy to erect, made with environmentally friendly materials, maintenance-free and long lasting.


Higher Quality

AM Prefab panel buildings are rugged and durable.  Featuring state of the art design and construction, our panels are accurate and straight.  There is no need to worry about bending, shifting, breaking nor denting.


Easy To Erect

Over 75% of AM Prefab panel building customers erect their buildings themselves without the use of specialized tools and equipment.  This is due to our high quality and easy to install materials, universal one size bolts and user friendly manuals.  Our standard 2’x10’ and 7.5” deep panels are easy to handle, weighing only 40lbs each.  Our panel buildings are easy to erect, which saves our customers both time and money.




  E Model

  Width: 20’- 40’

  Height: Varies

  Length: Unlimited

  Roof Pitch: 4:12

  S Model

  Width: 20′ – 60′

  Height: Varies

  Length: Unlimited


  A Model

  Width: 20′ – 50′

  Height: Varies

  Length: Unlimited

  Roof Pitch: 4:12

  Q Model

  Width: 20′ – 140′

  Height: Varies

  Length: Unlimited




AM Prefab panel buildings are designed in accordance with the governing building codes to withstand the published wind, snow and seismic conditions.  Our Features include the following:

i.  50 Year Warranty

ii.  Complete usable interior space (NO BEAMS)

iii.  Durable to sustain ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS

iv.  Easy to erect

v.  No special tools required

vi.  Easy to follow instructions

vii.  Tested to the highest quality INDUSTRY STANDARDS

viii.  Lifetime Warranty Fasteners

ix.  Widths from 10’to 140’ and custom designs available

x.  Engineer certified designs for all USA, CANADA AND EURO CODES

xi.  Consistently high tech quality control on fully automated production line

xii.  Prefabricated, preformed and predrilled (NO WELDING OR DRILLING REQUIRED)