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Welcome to AM Prefab, tech-driven building systems.  We specialize in both Commercial & Residential for new construction and renovations (up to five stories).  Our continued success is attributed to our ability to adapt to an evolving construction market, provide quality products, our high standard of service and most importantly our strong relationships we build with our valued customers.

We continue to provide top quality building systems and roofing systems for all types of projects.  AM Prefab buildings have stood the test of time: more than 50 Years of technological advances within the industry have been incorporated into our buildings.

With AM Prefab, you are purchasing the promise of reliability and peace of mind in both your end product and business relationship with us.  Your pre-engineered building will be designed and fabricated in accordance with your specific needs and in line with the certification agencies standards:  exacting criteria that is constantly challenging and always met.


Tech-Driven provides:
  • Single source responsibility
  • Greater process control with costs established sooner
  • Reduction in overall construction schedule
  • Improved risk management
  • Greater cost effectiveness



AM Prefab employees have extensive knowledge of building systems and components and are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality product and service.  We continue to test, assess and improve our building systems to ensure they exceed the industry standards.

Our buildings can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, require very little maintenance and ultimately last longer.  The result is a lower life-cycle building cost to our customers.



Every single AM Prefab component shipped to a construction site is of the highest quality so our buildings can be assembled with ease.  This results in the building being occupied sooner.

In fact, some estimates show time savings up to 1/3 that of conventional construction time according to the MBMA.